Hassle-free Property Transactions

There is no dispute that the conventional method of real estate transactions are not only time consuming and also fraught with umpteen hassles. You will also agree that the traditional method of auction is also not free from the buyers forming a cartel that the price at the auction does not reach the fair price.  Your worry of such a situation is a history with the advent of the modern method of auction introduced through online bidding.  The modern method of auction system ensures very transparent transactions assuring you the best price as a seller and also for the buyer.

Customer-friendly Process through Online

Once you browse our website, you will certainly agree that the Modern Method Auction is an innovative system providing customer-friendly process and is very transparent method. As and when you decide for sale of a property, you can notify us and we will have the property valued by our experts free of charge with no obligations and therefore you can be assured of getting a reasonable price.  The Auction Management Service can provide you with all customized services including marketing, training in IT services etc.

Chronology of Events

Ø      The reserve price is fixed by the seller

Ø      Enter into an agreement with us for sale

Ø      Marketing of property is done by the company

Ø      Viewing by various intended buyers sent to the seller

Ø      Prospective buyer indicates the price bid

Ø      Our auction department notifies the updates

Ø      Entry is online for 30 days or the price bid is accepted

Ø      Non-refundable Buyer Reservation Fee

Ø      Once finalized, the buyers remits £5,000 or 3.5% of property value whichever is more towards the commission

Ø      28 days allowed for Reservation Contract

Ø      Sale Deed registration to be completed in further 28 days

You can be assured that the deal is finalized with the genuine bidder and you are assured of the sale transactions completed without any hassles.

What Benefits a Seller Derives

o       Free valuation of your property

o       No commission payable

o       Assured of a reasonable value for the property

o       Non-refundable security deposit

o       No cartel in bidding

o       Assured time schedule for completion of sale formalities

As a Buyer What You Gain

ü      Bidding at your convenience online

ü      Free from fear of rip off the price

ü      Totally transparent process

ü      Transactions with dedicated sellers

ü      Schedule your date for moving into the property

ü      Less expenditure on commission


Advantages of Modern Method Auction

You will agree that this a win-win situation for both the Modern Method Auction

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